No updates for awhile 😓

Hello, to my readers (idk what to call you..😅) Anyways, I haven’t updated any Fics 😕 I’m sorry… I’ve been busy with things and also I haven’t been able to come up with more to write… I want to but everytime I begin to type I delete it 😔 Also, to be honest, I’ve been […]

YuiParu- SayaMilky (Genderbender)

First Genderbender story so I don’t know if it’s any good. IF you dont like these kinds of AU’s don’t read it. Simple. But IF you do enjoy the story Please Let Me Know and I will continue it, If not then I won’t continue this. I only wanted to see if you all will […]

Wolf (Pictures)

   This is pretty much how I can imagine them at the moment. And as I continue to write I’ll post the next set of pictures to how they will look. Clothes can be optional I guess whatever you imagine or if I add in the story what they wear. Yeah… 🙂 Oh and you […]

Perfect Yui

Yokoyama Yui, the pristine girl in school, the one everyone looks up to, the one who greets everyone with that sweet smile of hers. I watch as every girl in school smooth down their skirts as Yui walks by greeting them with a smile and a bow causing every each and one of their hearts […]